INTEROCO Copyright Office Dubai

INTEROCO Copyright Office Dubai is an exclusive representative of the International Online Copyright Office INTEROCO in the UAE and the Middle East. We are one of the leading Intellectual Property Services Bureau in the MENA Region. We are a one-stop solution for all the IP services, and aid clients across a myriad of industries to obtain meaningful protection and extract the best value for their innovations with effective agile solutions that are easy to understand, are of assured quality, and all these at a reasonable fixed price.

Being an independent international depository operating in eight countries, INTEROCO Copyright Office Dubai houses a team of expert IP practitioners who possess in-depth knowledge in the field and have extensive experience of over 20 years in the field of IP and other connected fields.

INTEROCO Copyright Office Dubai

Provides wide opportunities for IP protection for the clients from Europe, CIS-countries, Asia, MENA and other regions.

While offering solutions, we make sure that there is thorough compliance with the international statutory provisions and the regimen of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works. Thus, INTEROCO Copyright Office is well recognized worldwide by countries’ members of the Berne Convention.

A Trusted Name by Over 800 Clients All Over MENA and the UAE

We have had the honor to serve an eclectic range of clients that includes many globally eminent names such as Range Rover, Arsenal Football Club, Knauf, LULU Group, Al Ain, and many others.

INTEROCO is the largest International Online Depository of literary work. We grant the author’s Copyright Certificates that cater to all the requirements of the Berne Convention for Protection of Literary and Artistic Works and are recognized in 179 countries globally.

We wholeheartedly believe that the value of a business can wholesomely be morphed by the protection and monetization of IP rights. We are here to prudently escort and safeguard your business ideas by finding you the most pragmatically implementable and individual solution. Our solutions include identification of IP assets; designing the strategies to protect and monetize your IP; provision of mandatory registrations in multiple forms such as trademark, patent, and copyright; sophisticated and professional consultation from our top IP experts to help you gain more economic advantages from your IP assets and much more. Our intellectual property services are something that will deeply matter and benefit your business.

Over 5 Years in IPR Protection

INTEROCO Copyright Office Dubai is one of the leading intellectual property bureaus in the market, serving a host of clients that includes SMEs, early-stage startups, and individuals across the MENA region. Our underlining aim is to offer our clientele comprehensive, practical, insightful, timely, and flexible services that are necessary to help the customers in discovering the potential of their IP, protecting, and maximizing the value of their intellectual portfolio.

We are a trusted name in the market and there are reasons why a large number of businesses in the UAE and MENA opt for our services:


Our clients can always rely on our expert solutions that are based on multifarious worldwide experience, data-driven analysis, and exceptional service.

Innovations & Customization

We have and implement authentic, innovative, and pragmatic solutions to your every need and hassle.


We firmly hold that only complete transparent relationships and approaches can help achieve trust and successful cooperation between us and the client.

IPR Protection from Birth to Growth

We thoroughly usher and secure all objective ideas of our clients from inception and professionally deliver the most exquisite results

INTEROCO Copyright Office Dubai is a simple way to fulfil, manage and monetize intellectual property for companies of any size and individual inventors.

Our Team is Our Strength

The achievements of our business largely rely on our efficiency to attract, train, and retain the best internationally recognized IP experts in the UAE. Meet our people who redefine the perception of providing services in the IP market and make them accessible for the MENA region.

CEO of INTEROCO Copyright Office Dubai

Dr. Sandjar Muminov

Understanding the IP-strategy properly will help the entrepreneurs to protect their IP-assets comprehensively and at a lower cost, additionally to seek the answer to their question how effectively to use acquired IP-rights. Entrepreneurs can capitalize on their intellectual property and receive bank loans by using it as a mortgage.

Dr. Sandjar Muminov is an international IP Expert with 23 years of experience in various intellectual property spheres. He managed over 16,000 clients in 30 countries and has capitalized USD 7.9 billion in clients’ intangible assets.

International Intellectual Property Law Association (headquartered in the US and the UK) recognized Dr. Sandjar Muminov as one of the Top 5 IP Experts in the world three years in a row.

Dr. Sandjar Muminov has PhD in Economics and is the only CIS and Middle East IP Expert to be quoted by Forbes.

Managing Director

Andrei Linnik

IP Consultant

Irina Agamyradova

IP Consultant

Melson Lewis

IP Consultant

Mostafa Abouzid

Awards and Recognitions

We Welcome Any Academic and Professional Partnerships

We completely stand by our social responsibility of ensuring that our business has a positive impact on the people, the business community, and our country as a whole. Thus, our corporate social responsibility is equally vital to us. We support businesses, startups, solo inventors and students in their aim to be educated on IP rights protection in the UAE and worldwide.

To fulfil our commitment, we provide the best training practices to a wide audience and invite you to create a better future for intellectual property.

Academic Partnerships

I am a representative of the University in the UAE and want to educate our students on Intellectual Property Rights.

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I am a professional, Accelerator, SME club, or service company in the UAE that wants to cooperate in the field of Intellectual Property Rights.

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