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Are you looking for ways to safeguard your intellectual property rights (IPR) in the United Arab Emirates and 178 other countries across the world? Then, we at INTEROCO Copyright Office (Dubai) wish to introduce our services to you. Our company follows the most time-saving and dependable method to safeguard your IPR. Our team of professional attorneys and IP experts will support you as well as guide you through the whole patent and trademark registration and copyright protection process.

What will happen once you register your IP rights? You can prevent people and competitors from copying or stealing your discoveries. Even, you can safeguard your products, designs, and brand names with this registration. Naturally, you will look to get the complete benefits from your IP rights. To ensure the same, you should have the right legal tool for IP protection. You can’t do it on your own. You need specialized expert help to prevent intellectual property protection failures.

This is why we at INTEROCO are here to make your IPR protection, capitalization, and monetization experience hassle-free and outstanding.

Confidently Manage Your IP At All Stages of Your Business Growth

Are you newly starting a business or brand development journey? Otherwise, you might also be a locally established company. Irrespective of the nature of your business, you will be looking for ways to expand to new markets. We are here to guide you achieve this expansion to the MENA and UAE regions. To meet this requirement of businesses, our team is functioning as a one-stop solution for the IPR protection services bureau. We have a dedicated and highly experienced IP professionals to help you.

Our team is here to aid you with the effective leveraging of knowledge and intellectual property tools. The reason is that we know that these tools are crucial to help your business grow and succeed.

To prevent legal issues, you should protect your intellectual property objects.

How Can IPR Protection Help?

  • It will safeguard your rights from illegal use by others
  • You can learn how to use your IP rights effectively
  • You can safeguard your business’s legacy
  • You can build IP capitalization strategies in your business
  • By building or licensing business expansion through a franchise, you can get financial benefits
  • You can evaluate the value of your IP for future sales, the attraction of investments and transactions

How Can We Help Your Business?

Not just businesses but even individuals can get in touch with us for:

  • International Copyright Certificate
  • Trademark Certificate
  • Patent Certificate

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Identify the best legal tools for IPR protection concerning law enforcement systems, regions time, and cost.

Advantages of IP Audit

  • You can identify the intangible business assets of your business. Also, with our service, you can classify to which kind of IP identifies assets belong
  • You can find best legal tools for IPR protection concerning the law, area, time, and costs
  • You can gain a clear understanding of how to get rid of risks. Through IP Audit, we will help you capitalize costs for manufacturing, services, marketing, and personnel to the real value of the business

What Will Be the Outcome?

  • IP Portfolio with the most efficient legal tool for IP protection identified for your assets and future business development
  • You will get an IP Audit Report. This report will have complete details about all the opportunities and risks with safeguarding the monetization of projected business services and products
  • Action Plan of practical measures for the elimination of identified risks and to employ all available benefits including market niche monopolization

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IP Capitalization lets you improve the value of your future business operations. It will also help with enhancing the strategy by allocating research and development efforts, management focus, software development, and resources for their development.

Benefits of IP Capitalization

  • Increase the chances of business sales
  • Comply with legal needs in particular jurisdictions
  • Creation of a scheme for obtaining passive income
  • Receiving commercial bank loans and attracting investments
  • Increasing the value of your business
  • Improves future cash-flows from IP operations

What Can You Expect?

We provide our clients with the updated balance sheet of their business with added value for the intangible assets.

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With our IP Consulting service, we can solve your business issues on the violation of IP rights. Also, we will help resolve issues with licensing, the relationship between the rightsholder and the author, and much more.

Benefits of IP Consulting

We can solve issues that our clients face on:

  • Licensing and franchising assistance and advisory
  • Suggestion on a suitable legal protection mechanism
  • Associations between the rightsholder and author
  • Different kinds of IP rights violations, franchise agreements

What Can You Expect?

We provide our customers with the services they require. Our level of expertise and efficiency will save you money and time not just in the short run but also in the long run.

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10 Reasons Why Our Clients Trust Us Their IP Assets

No Hidden Fees. We strongly believe and ensure that our pricing is fair and competitive. Without any hidden fee, we charge a fixed fee to our clients.

Our office functions as a dependable IP service across the world. Our company is ranked the second top International Online Intellectual Property Registration Office.

We do not want our clients to feel concerned about process transparency. So, our services are accessible and clear.

According to the Berne Convention, our company offers IP rights protection services in 179 countries across the world.

We do not force our clients to present personally in our office for IP protection and other services. The reason is that all our procedures can be done completely online.

More than 800 small-medium enterprises, individual investors, and startups in the United Arab Emirates trust us for their IP needs

We are committed to offering time-saving customer service.

We are committed to offering sophisticated and professional IP registration assistance. We serve a wide range of issues related to subject-matter expertise.

We follow an integrated approach when it comes to client services with most processes automated.

We do not expect that our clients should have an in-house IP expert. The reason is that our experts will help clients to identify, register and safeguard their IP at a budget-friendly cost.

Do you want MORE MONEY from your IP?
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