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    Due to the territorial nature of IP rights, you ought to protect your brand within the area it operates as well as create a global IP strategy to enable you to expand your portfolio of IP objects globally.

    Different brands are protected in different ways in different regions. For national brand protection, you can choose Trademark Registration, while for international protection you should choose Composite Copyright Work.

    At INTEROCO Copyright Office Dubai, our International IP Experts have extensive experience creating and developing international brand protection strategies. In order for your IP objects’ portfolio to grow along with your business, you can rely on us to create a pragmatic and cost-effective brand strategy. For your business, we can give you tailored advice on key territories, legal scopes, and the most effective ways to protect your business.

    Why to Protect Your Brand

    To protect themselves from unfair competition, brands and businesses must register IP objects. You might lose customers if your competitor uses your business name or slogan for advertising or, sadly, delivers sub-standard products under your company’s name. In order to take legal action against any unauthorized use of your brand, you should register it as soon as possible.

    1. Protect your business’ value

      while also protecting yourse lf legally in case someone tries to infringe upon it.

    2. Whether you register your brand will determine whether your business succeeds

      The reason for this is that a registered brand makes you the sole owner of your brand identity. This is arguably one of the most valuable assets any entrepreneur can have.

    3. A registered business will also protect its customers and other businesses

      Registering your brand protects not only the quality of the products and services you offer, but also proves to customers, partners, and vendors that the brand is genuine.

    Benefits of Protecting Your Brand

    Intellectual Property Consulting Firms

    Get exclusive rights to use the brand

    Intellectual Property Consulting Firms

    Stop others from using a similar trademarks or copyrights

    Intellectual Property Consulting Firms

    Flag other people's infringements

    Intellectual Property Consulting Firms

    Monetize your brand & earn more

    Don’t want to wait for 6 month for your brand to get registered?
    Protect your brand as Composite Copyright Work just within 10 days!

    How Can You Protect Your Brand?

    The brand can be protected using a variety of tools. We offer two types of brand protection: copyright and trademark registration services. Choose the best option as per your business needs and expansion plans.

    Comparison of Trademark and Copyright Registration Processes

    Conditions Trademark (TM) Composite Copyrighted Work
    Objects of Registration Brand logo, name or slogan Brand logo & name
    Terms of Registration 6-9 months 10 working days
    Terms of validity 10 years Lifetime of the author + 50 years after his death
    Area of validity Only industries (classes) mentioned in TM-Certificate

    Doesn't depend on the industry.

    Valid for all industries

    Territory of Recognition UAE only Every addition country needs a separate registration in the country's government entity

    179 countries

    Members of Berne Convention for protection of literary & artistic works

    Who can be the Author? Author not provided

    Individual can be the Author

    (Founder, Director, etc.)

    Possibility of preliminary approval of the application by the Registration entity Not provided Refusal will be given if the application doesn't pass the Registration process

    E-Admission Token provided

    Preliminary approval of IP-object which guaranties the successful Registration. If the application doesn't meet the criteria for registration, necessary recommendations will be made for an applicant through authorized regional operator

    Who can be the right holder? Individual or Company Individual or Company (several right holders can be included)
    Registration Body UAE Ministry of Economy International Copyright Office (INTEROCO)
    Rights protection bodies Competition regulation committee (Ministry of Economy) Dubai Court or Court of the country where the violation take place
    Responsibility for performing violation Fines & risks of confiscation of property

    • Fines & risks of confiscation of property

    • Criminal responsibility

    Language of Certificate Arabic Arabic & English

    Not sure what way to choose to protect your brand?
    Check this table to see what protection options you do have based on type of assets.

    How to Register Your Brand as a Composite Copyright Work in the UAE?

    With the INTEROCO Copyright Office Dubai, brand registration is a simple process. Thanks to many years of experience and a specialized approach to the registration of IP, we make protecting your brand the most straightforward process.

    Submission of required documents

    The first step is to request a free consultation from an IP Expert in the INTEROCO Copyright Office Dubai by submitting a call back request form. After the consultation, a contract is signed with the Dubai representative office. Then you have to pay the service fees along with an application and copies of the work you want to get registered for.

    Initial search for the copyright object

    We conduct and deposit a preliminary search for the object to be copyrighted.

    Submission of application and work copies to INTEROCO Copyright Office

    We will fill and submit an online form and then will provide the copies of the work which you want to get registered at the INTEROCO Copyright Office.

    Receiving approval

    After receiving a confirmation of preliminary approval of your registration, we will wait for final approval.

    Registration and issuance of IP Certificate

    Once your copyright for the copyright object is registered, you will receive mail containing your certificate of registration. The duration of the registration period usually ranges from 5 to 20 working days. It also depends on the kind of work which is to be registered.

    Please, kindly check here the process of brand protection as a trademark registration in the UAE.

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