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Advanced and fast-growing companies understand the necessity of developing strong partnerships and getting access to new-age technologies, opportunities, and the business world. At INTEROCO Copyright Office Dubai, our professional expertise is in shielding and enhancing your business intellectual property assets. Also, we feel glad to impart our knowledge and deliver efficient tools and insights in the valued IP unions with startup accelerators and educational institutions in the UAE.

We give new opportunities for novel entrepreneurs to understand intellectual property in the business world. Furthermore, we help advance the structures for the superior most level of protection of intellectual property objects. Understanding these minute details will help your progress faster and better in the market.

The two most precious resources for any business owner are time and money: intellectual property allows not only to protect your business from unfair competition and illegal usage of your IP rights but to capitalize the expenses and increase startup investment attractiveness.

Dr. Sandjar Muminov

CEO of INTEROCO Copyright Office Dubai

Partnering With Startups & SMEs

Entrepreneurs have immense experience in building and creating innovative ideas. Yet, they precisely fall short of knowledge in intellectual property protection and monetization. To channel this lack, we have IP Experts that will train you to work better with your IP rights.

If startups and SMEs in the UAE fail in protecting their brand, ideas, designs, and other vital IP assets, competitors can be a severe threat to their market position. These competitors will begin to copy product and services and thereby diminish you increased profits. So, it is essential and thoughtful of business owners and startups to understand intellectual property rights protection and monetization to expand and thrive.

INTEROCO Copyright Office Dubai gives the best solutions for startup accelerators with educational and mentoring programs – we deliver workshops, seminars, and training programs for businesses and Government Authorities. These sessions are focused on IP rights protection & monetization of IP assets. We have practical experience with the world’s topmost IP Experts on board that can be profitable for the accelerators relating to specific industries.

How to Initiate an Educational or Professional Partnership with INTEROCO?

We support businesses, startups, solo inventors, and students to gain more knowledge on IP rights protection in the UAE and worldwide. We help them thrive at their best potential and earn progress in the market.

Our commitment and ultimate goal are to provide superior training practices to the vast audience and so that you create a better future for intellectual property. Choose the suitable form of partnership for your business by following the instructions below:

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I am a student from the UAE who wants to gain knowledge on intellectual property rights.

Professional Partnerships

I am a professional, accelerator, SME club, or service company in the UAE that wants to partner in the field of intellectual property rights.

Business Partnerships

I am a business owner who wants to edify my business on intellectual property rights.

If you and your organization are keen to know more about intellectual property rights, our IP experts will be glad to deliver insightful training. All you need to do is follow these simple steps to be a part of this profitable training:

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Our collaborators profit from our tactical competencies and vast knowledge in intellectual property and relatable fields. We endeavor to provide efficient solutions, best on the market IP Expert Team, that is a clear procedure with no risks.

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