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    Work of Science Explained

    A Work of Science (WOS) is an intellectual property form that is registered as a copyright work under the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works.

    By registering your idea as copyright, you can protect the results of a specific embodiment of the idea. Thus, your creative activities can result in solutions that are truly useful for your business. In addition, registering a work of science is the equivalent of patenting, but the process is much quicker.

    Work of Science grants its owner the following exclusive rights:

    • Right for commercial usage
    • Reproduction right
    • Right of creating derivative works
    • Distribution rights
    • The right to public performance
    • The right of public display and the right to fair use

    Benefits of Registering Your Ideas with WOS

    If you need assistance protecting your technology, process, or methodology, the IP experts at INTEROCO Copyright Office Dubai are ready to assist. Utilizing a unique tool, Work of Science, we have a vast and successful experience in registering Intellectual Property objects. Compared to patenting ideas and inventions, it is faster, more efficient, and less expensive.

    Legal protection of your IP objects as a WOS has bespoke benefits:

    Intellectual Property Consulting Firms

    Recognition of authorship throughout the world

    Intellectual Property Consulting Firms

    The possibility of capitalization and monetization

    Intellectual Property Consulting Firms

    Prohibition of unfair competition around the world (in all member countries of the Berne Convention)

    Intellectual Property Consulting Firms

    Protection of commercial using of technology, process, methodology

    Intellectual Property Consulting Firms

    Legalization of the use of work of science by the author

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    What Is Eligible for Protection with WOS

    Are you interested in starting a new business and attracting investors? In order to protect your unique business concept and processes, it is best to protect your business model as WOS. In addition to that, you can protect other intangible assets within one month with Work of Science instead of spending two years registering a patent.

    The most popular objects eligible for Work of Science protection:

    1. Technologies, methods, business processes, devices, machines
    2. Author’s projects, business models
    3. Training, IT, and info-products
    4. Websites, mobile applications
    5. Business algorithms, games, etc.

    Work of Science protection can include the following parts (if provided):

    Intellectual Property Consulting Firms



    intellectual property consulting firms

    Way of working

    company intellectual property registration

    Way of using

    The work must possess an innovative level, and if the object of protection is a business project, this project must be implemented in a specific algorithm (model) with an innovative level.

    Don't want to wait for 2 years for your patent to get registered?
    Register your patent as a Work of Science just in 1 month!

    WOS Registration Process in the UAE

    Filing and submission of application and fees

    The very first step of IP asset registration as WOS is filling and submitting the client’s application and payment of specified fees as well as submission of the documents for the registration.

    International research

    Based on the initial description form, our IP Experts conduct comprehensive research for the uniqueness of the concept:

    1. Experts will check if there are any similar projects are registered
    2. Client receive the list of the similar project which are already registered
    3. Client choose 3 projects which are similar the most among the provided analogs
    4. Based on the full description and 3 closest analogs chosen by the client, our IP Experts prepare the final documents for the submission

    Submission of application and work copies to INTEROCO Copyright Office

    We will fill and submit an online form and then will provide the copies of the work which you want to get registered at the INTEROCO Copyright Office.

    Registration and issuance of IP Certificate

    Once your assets for the copyright object is registered, you will receive mail containing your certificate of registration. The duration of the registration period usually ranges up to 1 month. It also depends on the kind of work which is to be registered.

    Result of Legal Protection with WOS - What You Will Get

    • Certificate is recognized in 179 countries according to the International Berne Convention for Protection of Literary and Artistic Works.
    • Certificate is issued in 2 languages – English and Arabic.
    • Valid for the lifetime of the Author + 50 years after the author’s death.
    • Delivery of the certificate will be done by courier, or you can collect it from our office.

    Based on the expertise gained over more than 500 cases, INTEROCO Copyright Office Dubai comes up with turnkey solutions for Intellectual Property protection and capitalization. Your intellectual property is guaranteed to be protected at the highest level as we are an exclusive representative in the MENA region of the International Online Copyright Office INTEROCO.

    INTEROCO is Europe’s largest depository of author’s works. It issues international author’s certificates complying with the requirements of the Berne Convention for Protection of Literary and Artistic Works. This certificate is recognized in 179 countries around the world.

    Description UAE Patent Office INTEROCO Copyright Office (Dubai)
    Registration time Up to 18 months 10 days
    Regions of protection UAE 179 countries
    Protection duration Lasts 20 years Typically lasts the creator's lifetime, plus 70 years
    English version of Certificate
    Arabic Version of Certificate
    Who can registrate the invention Objects of patent rights are usually registered to a legal entity Can be registered by private individual

    Don't want to wait for 2 years for your patent to get registered?
    Register your patent as a Work of Science just in 1 month!

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