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ABU DHABI, 8th June, 2020 (WAM)

The Abu Dhabi-based company, “R-Med Sterix Eco”, announced that it had obtained the intellectual property rights for the “Sterix Gate” device, which is a unique sterilization gateway to confront the “Covid-19” pandemic, and limit the spread of the virus in public and crowded places, from INTEROCO Intellectual Property Protection Office, Certificate No. EC-1-002799 recently.

On this occasion, Walid Al-Arian, Managing Partner in the company, said: “We are pleased to obtain a patent for the Sterix Gate device, through which we aim to limit the spread of the “Covid-19” virus in the United Arab Emirates without causing any negative effects or harm to users, as the scientists of the “R-Med Sterix Eco” company, in cooperation with sterilization specialists and technical engineering from different countries of the world, have created a unique and effective technical solution to this pandemic, which is a sterile portal with a spray/mist system that uses a special sterilization liquid and has no negative effects on humans.

The UAE “R-MED STERIX ECO” Obtains the IPT For the “STERIX GATE” Portal to Confront the “COVID-19” Pandemic

Mr. El-Erian explained that the Sterix Gate device is a sterilization gate in a “single station”, and it differs from all other sterilization gates that only spray disinfectant on people, without guaranteeing an appropriate final result for the individual being sterilized and the party using the mentioned gate.

The Sterix Gate relies on an Android tablet device equipped with a temperature-measuring camera, which examines each person who passes through it and alerts the supervisors of the device if a person is diagnosed with an abnormally high temperature, and there is a manual sterilization dispenser located at the entry point. To make sure the hands of anyone passing through the gate are clean, and once these two steps are completed, the individual steps from the silicone curtain, straight to the mist area, where they are sterilized, and 99.9% of bacteria and viruses are eliminated.

From a legal point of view, international patent expert Dr. Sandjar Muminov says that during an objective examination of the application of intellectual property rights, it was found that “Sterix Gate” uses a self-reconstituted liquid, manufactured in the United Arab Emirates, and does not affect the skin or respiratory system, and the product consists 99% from water and does not contain alcohol, methanol or any other products of a similar nature, indicating that the spray does not negatively affect food and children, and is completely safe for most adults, except for those who suffer from very severe allergies.

The UAE “R-MED STERIX ECO” Obtains the IPT For the “STERIX GATE” Portal to Confront the “COVID-19” Pandemic

Walid Al-Arian pointed out that the sterilization portal was legally registered as intellectual property as Work of Science under the official title “Sterix Gate Disinfecting tunnel with spray/mist/fog system, using a human harm-free sanitizing liquid” from the INTEROCO Office for the Protection of Intellectual Property (Germany), Certificate No. EC-1-002799 On May 19, 2020, this intellectual property is recognized in 167 countries of the world – which are members of the Berne Copyright Convention.

El-Erian adds: “Preliminary research around the world has revealed that there are more than 2,700 different types of gates, cabins, kiosks and channels registered as works of intellectual property, yet the level of excellence of our technology is high compared to other patents, utility models, industrial designs, science research and dimensional models. The previously registered volumetrics provides sufficient legal grounds for the granting of intellectual property to our sterilization portal.

El-Erian explained that the integration of all the unique methods, superior speed and greater coverage are the main advantages over any other similar product on the market, and these sterilization cabins cannot be used without the approval of “R-Med Sterix Eco”, because the uncertified commercial use of technology solutions, which are protected as proprietary intellectual property, which is considered an infringement of intellectual property rights and can be punished by various types of law enforcement action.

He stated that to avoid any risks related to intellectual property rights claims and litigation processes, the best solution lies in formal cooperation with “R Med Sterix Eco” company and signing licensing agreements, as the company, which is based in the United Arab Emirates, is ready to cooperate with all partners Prospective, interested in the manufacture and supply of sterilization gates, wishing to start a business with “Sterix Gate” that is protected as intellectual property. Furthermore, all gate suppliers using Sterix Eco disinfection water will receive automatic licenses without additional permissions.

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