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INTEROCO Copyright Office (Dubai), operating in UAE, GCC & MENA region, provides consulting services and advising on issues related to intellectual property: brand and business protection, intellectual property rights, trademark, copyright, and patent registration processes.

Intellectual Property (IP) is one of the most valuable assets of almost any business. Companies heavily rely on intangible assets – competencies, developments, patents, trademarks, and copyrights. IP objects may not have a physical form. Still, they can be monetized, capitalized, and reported on a company’s balance sheet. They include a wide range of creations: technologies, inventions, designs, digital assets (software, websites, mobile apps, brands and logos, and more), works of art and science, and more.



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Compliance Audit Compliance Audit is a legal test that describes possible sanctions, fees, loses due to not compliance of business operations with the requirements of local UAE laws.
IP Portfolio Determination of the IP assets of the company and defining of the appropriate form of the legal protection of the assets.
IP Audit IP-Audit - an objective and independent examination of the intellectual property rights statement of Your business project with the systematic review of related risks and opportunities.
IP Scanner IP-Scanner is a legal test that describes possible sanctions, fees, loses due to not compliance of business operations with the requirements of local UAE laws;- unfair actions of competitors;- unethical activities of former employees.
IP Search  
IP Strategy IP-Strategy is a high-level action plan of a company to achieve ambitious business goals under conditions of market uncertainty with the most profitable and effective use of intellectual property assets.


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IP Protection

We develop the structures for the highest level of protection of your intellectual property objects in order to prevent the following problems:

- Using (copying) of Your brand by competitors for one's benefit;
- Competitors may prohibit You to use your brand;
- Fines from the state bodies for using and advertising of the unregistered brand;
- Penalties for violation according to IFRS;
- Using of your content by competitors;
- Using (copying) of design of your website/SOFTWARE/mobile application by competitors to obtain financial benefits;
- Copying of source code or unique modules of your software/website/Mobile app;
- Claim for the rights for the software from the developer, a former employee;
- Blocking of your software/website/Mobile app by reason of the violation of third party rights;
and many others.


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IP Capitalization

We help our customers to leverage on their intellectual property objects.

- How to transform your IP to intangible assets
- How to transform your expenses to the investments in your intangible assets
- How to evaluate and add value to your brand and intangible assets
- How to get financial benefits out of your intangible assets

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IP Consulting

We help our customers to leverage on their intellectual property objects.

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INTEROCO Copyright Office (Dubai) provides comprehensive advisory services related to Intellectual Property strategies for protecting business assets as well as getting additional financial benefits out of it. Being a part of IntelMAX IP-Group operating in 8 countries, INTEROCO Copyright Office (Dubai) has an expert team of IP professionals with more than 20 years of extensive experience and a strong track record worldwide which includes recognitions and awards by international professional communities.

Andrei Linnik
Managing Director
Dr. Sandjar Muminov
International IP Expert


INTEROCO is the Europe largest depository of author's works. It issues international author’s certificates complying with the requirements of the Berne Convention for Protection of Literary and Artistic Works. This certificate is recognized in 172 countries in the world.
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