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Are you planning to expand your business at the international level or in the UAE market? When doing so, you may naturally face many challenges that can affect your intellectual property rights (IPR). To manage and even prevent these challenges, you need an expert partner whom you can rely on with confidence. This expert partner should be in a position to protect your IP rights by means of registering a trademark, copyright or a patent not just in the United Arab Emirates but also in other countries. Your IP expert should navigate you through all legal questions, help save time while offering fully transparent service delivery at an affordable cost.

At INTEROCO Copyright Office Dubai, we are here to make your IP protection experience hassle-free and outstanding. Being a market-leading Intellectual Property bureau serving conglomerates, SMEs, startups, and individuals in the MENA region, our goal is to provide our clients with comprehensive, practical, timely, and flexible services to help discover your IP assets potential, protecting and maximizing the value of your intellectual portfolio.

What Do You Want to Protect?

You are a business owner and you don’t know what type of IP protection your business requires? With our experience in IP rights protection, we know how confusing the process can be for any entrepreneur. For this reason, to make your experience with us seamless from the very start, we have handpicked the most popular objects of intellectual property in the section below. Simply choose the object which you wish to protect and click on it to learn which IP protection service will meet your need the best.

Brand Slogan & Logo

Protect your logo and brand name from unfair competitors in 179 countries globally.

I want to protect it

Service or Product

Protect your unique service, product, business idea or the way in which your product or service works.

I want to protect it

Concepts & Business Models

Protect the bespoke features of your business models and concepts.

I want to protect it

Devices & Technologies

Have you used an innovative idea in your product? We will protect these ideas and technologies.

I want to protect it

Domain & Website

We know that your digital assets are important. We will protect your domain and website.

I want to protect it

Mobile Applications & Software

Protect your mobile application, games, software programs, and operating systems.

I want to protect it

Info-products & Training Courses

Protect your original educational courses, training, authorship, or methodic solution.

I want to protect it


Protect your web design, architecture design, product design, including cloth design and flat design.

I want to protect it

Artwork or Content

Protect your original works in writing like songs, movies, novels, poetry, and artistic works, musical, dramatic, and literary.

I want to protect it

Confidential Information

Protect your secret recipes, know-how, formula, supplier and customer lists, and other crucial business data.

I want to protect it

Did not find the type of service or product your business offers above? Then, feel free to contact us. Our trained IP experts will find the optimal solution to protect your intellectual property rights as per your business needs.

Not sure what you need?
To find out, compare trademarks, copyrights, and patents.

INTEROCO Copyright Office Dubai – Why Choose Us?

We know that the challenges that our clients face need effective, customized, and quick solutions as well as a modern approach. So, we have improved ourselves with the best traditions in the industry. With our global experience and multiple local insights, we are at the disposal of our clients to help them.

Above all, just because we have industry knowledge, we do not want to burden our clients with unwanted procedures. So, we do not make them pass through long calls and tedious processes. Moreover, we do not give any false promises to our clients. We are always committed to choosing the right path to help our clients’ businesses grow.


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IP Experts and consultants around the world


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Court cases won around the world


Clients worldwide

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$ in capitalized assets for our clients

We do offer IP consultancy services locally, but primarily, we consider the global objectives and goals of our clients’ businesses. So, we provide them with tactical solutions. In turn, we can take our clients’ businesses towards the right path of growth and success.

Our Core Expertise

At INTEROCO Copyright Office Dubai, our team is committed to our customers. This commitment is towards providing cost-effective, professional, transparent, and high-quality intellectual property services. We wish to assure you that we will provide the right care for your business. In turn, we will lead your business through the challenging tasks to achieve its goals. Also, we make sure that our team rightly meets the needs of each client in an effective, caring, and professional manner. In short, we will make sure that your journey on the road of intellectual property protection will be smooth right from the beginning to the end.

Also, we have developed and provide our clients only with the best mechanisms and legal tools in the market for IP protection. Our tools and mechanisms cover 179 countries across the world. We use sophisticated and unique techniques in gaining financial benefits from your intellectual property. Due to the strategic approach we follow, achieving your business goals will become easy.

IPR Protection

Find the best legal tools for your IP objects protection in terms of costs, time, regions, and law enforcement systems. Protect your IP rights and know how to use them effectively.

IP Consulting

Create grounds for future cash-flows from IP operations, increase the business value of your company, attract investments and receive bank loans, enhance your exit strategy, or create a scheme for obtaining passive income.

IP Audit

Find best legal tools for IP protection in terms of costs, time, regions, and law enforcement system. We carry out an independent and objective examination of the present legal status of the IP rights of your business project along with a systematic review of the appropriate opportunities and risks.

IP Capitalization

Add value to your future business operations and enhance the exit strategy by allocating resources, development of software, management focus, and R&D efforts to their development. We will help your business gain more profit from the creation of a portfolio of usable intangibles (intellectual property objects).

Do you want more money from your IP? Get the right IP advice today!

8 Reasons to Protect Your Intellectual Property Rights

At INTEROCO Copyright Office Dubai, we are focused on helping clients safeguard and build an effective intellectual property portfolio, and in case you have doubts about whether this service is the right fit for your business – check the below reasons that will help you make a reasoned decision.

Protect your IP

from illegal use and copying

Grow company value

by capitalizing IP assets

Get possibility to sell IP

as an intangible asset

Enjoy financial benefits

by licensing usage of IP or franchising

Protect your right to use the IP

by defining the author's and rightsholder's rights

Create a business identity

through a branding strategy

Avoid fines from the state bodies

for using and advertising an unregistered brand

Protect your business from the complaints

of former employees and contractors

What Our Clients Say About Us

Professionalism is at the forefront of everything we do, so working with INTEROCO Copyright Office Dubai means you can count on us to protect and support your most business-critical asset – your Intellectual Property. Our focus is on helping clients to protect & build their intellectual property portfolios without confusing and time spending procedures.

Zabiullah Jafizi

Manager at Elisium perfumes trading LLC

Your staff is very nice; they are very helpful. As a result, we’ve got our copyright registration just awesome quick, and fast. Your service is good as well as your profile.

Saud Khan

Director of AKST Global

INTEROCO Copyright Office (Dubai) has very professional and friendly service. We got our ERP Copyrights very easily and with no hidden cost. We are thankful for your very simple and straightforward approach to working together. I recommend INTEROCO Copyright Office (Dubai )to anyone looking for Copyright or any other legal services.”

Mina T. Kelleni

Independent Scientist

INTEROCO Copyright Office (Dubai) has one of the most professional and co-operative teams I have ever met. All the processes regarding the registration of two IP concepts went very prompt and smooth. I will recommend you my fellow scientists all over the world.

Filippo Sona

Co-Founder of Wood Couture LLC

We’ve chosen you for our copyright registration as your office was the closest office to us. But we were truly surprised by the well-established and transparent processes you’ve provided along the registration journey. We’ve got the desired result, thank you!

Boris Lam

Cofounding Partner of Orskin Aesthetics and Fitness Lounge

We’ve chosen INTEROCO Copyright Office (Dubai) upon good reviews and didn’t disappointed: copyright registration was very professional, and service was very good as expected! All the processes went very efficiently and quickly. We’ll certainly recommend you in the future when the moment comes.

Mary Abarcar

Marketing Officer at Blank Canvas by Fatima

We’ve chosen INTEROCO Copyright Office Dubai for our copyright registration service because they are one of the best and trusted in the industry IP services consultancy. It was a smooth process and we are very happy with their service. They have been with us from the beginning until we get our copyright certificates. They got the job done in a timely manner. They explained to us how it’s important to copyright our designs to protect them and they were able to help us in this process. Great results! We are happy with the service they provided and we are looking forward to working with them again in the future. May you continue to prosper and enjoy much success!

Still not sure? See how much profit you lose by NOT registering your IP assets